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Recycled Landscaping

13th April 2010


Every time we complete a house there is always a lot of left over materials. I try to re-use as much as I can. First off ,you can find some interesting and unique uses for old construction materials, second it saves on dumping fees, and finally it is good for the environment (so I keep hearing).  one of our properties had an ornate but broken pot-metal outdoor lantern post in the garage. I simply cut it off and added a couple of brackets to mount the mailbox. It created an interesting and unique mailbox post.

Another property at one time had a covered porch attached to the back of the house. I assume it had blown away at one time, anyway it was no longer anywhere to be seen, however the wrought iron post where still buried in the ground.  the post where a lttle rusted and beaten up,  so i cut out 2 good sections and buried them side by side about 6 inches apart. I mounted a wooden base to the top of them and mounted the mailbox. The brick surround was made from loose brick scattered around the back yard. I head enough to edge the front flower bed as well as create a bed for the mailbox.

The edging around the tree was also created from recycled materials. The inexpensive plastic edging was new but we stapled scraps of cedar fencing around the outside to make a unique edging.