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Getting Started. Weekend One.

24th January 2011


Starting a renovation during the holidays, not to mention winter in general isn’t easy. We have had the house for almost a month and haven’t done much physical labor on the place. We’ve done a lot of cleaning, measuring, planning, and buying materials, but little renovation work. That changed this weekend!

I got an early start on Saturday. It was too cold to do mud drywall or paint anything so I started looking for other things to do. I decided to finish the crown molding above the kitchen cabinets.  The cabinets were already there when we bought the house. They were basic off-the-shelf unfinished oak cabinets from Lowes. We decided to give them a customized look with some oak crown molding. This part of the morning went smoothly. I’m adding a few custom cabinets to the bank of cabinets where the range, vent hood and refrigerator go so I wasn’t able to finish the entire kitchen, but I really like how everything was beginning to look.

Carri wanted to add a sit in eating area to the kitchen. We decided to remove a section of dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room and add a bar. I pulled off some the sheet rock to see how it could be done. We really got lucky here. There was a laminated header header spanning the full length of the divide. All I had to do was remove the sheet rock and a couple of  studs and finish off the opening. This went very quickly. There was no framing required. I simply sheet rocked the opening and added metal corner bead. It was too cold to mud the opening so I went on to another project.

We already had purchased some of the replacement windows. Lowes had a sale  on some of their stock windows so I got what I could there. They stock very few sizes so my options were limited. I was able to buy 6 3×4.5 Energy Star rated replacement windows for the  living room and back bedroom and one 3×3 for the kitchen. Even though these were replacement windows I would still need to re-frame the opening since they were not an exact fit. It would be a little bit more work, but the 20% plus savings made it worthwhile. I finished off the day by starting to replace the kitchen window. I was short a  few tools so I tacked it in temporarily and called it a day.

Sunday started off with finishing  the kitchen window and starting on the living room windows.  Each window went a little quicker, but getting started was slow. The brutal cold didn’t help much either. I was finishing up the second living room windows when Carri stopped by to make the final decisions on the kitchen layout. We didn’t finalize the plan but we got a little closer. I’ll spend the rest of the week working on the custom cabinets at home and have them ready next weekend. All in all it was a productive weekend. Nothing is finished but a lot of projects are underway. Everything will fall together before I know it.



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