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Interior Renovation

12th January 2010


Prepping the interior was pretty straight forward. We removed all of the existing carpet. The carpet in the living room was glued to the slab so that was a bit of a chore but manageable. The kitchen had been tiled fairly recently but there were severe stress cracks so we decided to pull it up also. The good news was we were able to recycle the tiles and redo the master bath floor, repair the entry tile , and continue the entry tile into the closet. I also removed about 8 feet of wall between the kitchen and living area. All in all everything went without a hitch.

With the entire house gutted, I was able to spray paint almost the entire interior in two days. I had to paint the two baths by brush and roller, but everything went quickly. We replaced the master bath vanity with a small pedestal sink and added an oak medicine cabinet, and repaired the pocket door which had . With the new tile (recycled from the kitchen) the half bath looked very nice.

The full bath need a little renovation also. We removed the bullnose from the top of the tile and extended the tile the rest of the way up to the ceiling with an accent in between. We also replaced the tile on the wall with the faucet and shower due to deteriorating backing. We resurfaced the vanity and added an oak frame around the plate glass mirror and added new cabinet doors.

The kitchen was the biggest renovation on this entire project. We started by laying a Ditra clone decoupler before setting the tile. According to the manufacturer this will put a stop to future stress cracking. Carri did some a detailed tileĀ  backsplash and we finished the kitchen with new laminate counter top and new cabinet doors and drawer faces.

The final steps were to lay new carpet and pad throughout the house. We also painted the brick firplace and added a built in oak book case and an oak mantle.

From start to finish it took a little over 12 weeks, approximately $12,000 in materials with no great surprises. The place looked great and was ready for market.

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