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Rescued: Trash to Treasure

13th November 2009


This desk was left at one of the houses we bought. It was scarred, burned, beaten, and rough.  I had thrown it out on the curb for the city to pick up, but my wife dragged it back into the garage.  When I asked her why, she just said, “look at those dove tailed joints, I can fix it!” She spent a few days sanding on it and I spent another half day stripping the old finish and re-gluing bad joints, but everything was there.I sprayed it with Minwax One-Step poly and stain. Definately the way to go on a piece like this. The finish is uniform and yet the distressed characteristics still show through. Carri was very pleas3ed with the final results.

We did a little research and discovered that the desk was an Ethan Allen “Old Tavern” series desk from the early 50’s.We found others just like it on Ebay for $400 to $500. I made a mirror frame out some scratch pieces of pine, and Carri distressed it to match the desk

Not a bad addition to the home for next to nothing (labor not included!)

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